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Underpaid-Denied-Unsettled - NO RECOVERY, NO FEE

Underpaid, Denied, or Unsettled Insurance Claims: We are your life line to denied and under paid insurance claims. Adjusters for the insurance companies are paid to make your home damage claim payout as little money as possible.

We will sit with you and carefully review your claim to assure you have reached a fair settlement from your insurance company. Most claims are underpaid or over looked.

At Action Public Adjusters we can give you a professional second opinion on your insurance claim. If you have a denied insurance claim, you may still be entitled to fair settlement.

If you believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve. Give us a call WE CAN HELP YOU!

Call us as soon as a property damage happens. We'll give you instructions on how to mitigate the damages and how to proceed according to your insurance policy, and immediately provide you with one of our experienced public adjusters to your home, association, or business to evaluate your loss and provide you with a Free Inspection !! No Recovery, No Fees.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Give us a call at 786-540-2823; we speak English, Spanish, and French. Ask About Our Free Insurance Claim Specialist Consultation

Our client's interest come first and we have the ability and expertise to handle the most sophisticated property damage insurance claims.


Did you know

The period in which insurance claims can be reopened is within 5 years of reporting a loss? If you believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve, call us today WE CAN HELP YOU!

What Types of Claims Can a Public Adjuster Help With?

Below are a list of some residential or business losses a Public Adjuster can assist and help you recover losses.

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