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Water Damage North Miami Beach FL

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Looking for advice after Water damage in North Miami Beach, FL, has destroyed your home or business? If your water damages are covered by your insurance policy, Action Public Adjusters can help you determine the scope of your damages in tandem with your unique coverage. Our evaluations are comprehensive and exhaustive, designed to maximize your settlement to cover the cost of all repairs and restoration. Water damages are among the most difficult to predict and can cause a variety of problems in your building. Call today for a FREE property damages inspection and our team can determine a convenient time to visit your property. Speak in your preference of English, Spanish, French, or Hebrew at your own convenience.

Did you know the period in which insurance claims can be reopened is within three years of reporting a loss? So if you believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve, give us a call. WE CAN HELP YOU!

Many hidden problems can lead to water damage in North Miami Beach, FL, including AC leaks and torrential rains. Private residents and commercial business owners often achieve a much higher settlement when they hire public adjusters to file their claim quickly and accurately. It can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting to file your own claim, especially if it is wrongfully denied or underpaid. Joel Anidjar and his skilled team are licensed, bonded, and insured to help you navigate the complicated and often intentionally confusing language found in insurance policies. Learn more and take advantage of our award-winning negotiation strategies when you call today to discuss your water damage.

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Water Damage North Miami Beach FL

A Public Adjuster will help you maximize your settlement. Below are a few of our past settlements.

  • Fire Damage:
    Settlement $200K

  • Dishwasher Leak:
    Settlement $73158.26

  • Sinkhole Damage:
    Settlement $200K

  • Smoke Damage
    Settlement $52,900

  • Car Crash:
    Settlement $47.500

We are a Boutique Public Adjuster firm that specializes in quality service : our client's interest come first and we have the ability and expertise to handle the most sophisticated claims.

Public Insurance Adjuster Services

Water damage in North Miami Beach FL can place unnecessary pressure on homeowners and business owners in South Florida, especially during the hurricane season. When you have an insurance policy, and possibly insured loss, you no longer have to stress our, or act swiftly when you discover property damage. Just call us here at Action Public Adjusters, and we will take care of the rest. We are available to help you in every way possible, with all aspects of your claim. By calling us, and hiring our esteemed claims processing services, you will be well advised on all aspects of your insurance claim. We will immediately send you Mitigation Instructions and Mitigation Guidelines to review. If you are going to file a claim with the hope of recovering compensation to repair your damaged property, you must follow the mitigation instructions and guidelines as your insurance policy requires that you do so .

Did you know the period in which insurance claims can be reopened is within three years of reporting a loss? So if you believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve, give us a call. WE CAN HELP YOU!

Here at Action Public Adjusters, once become our client, you will automatically become our top priority. Trust us when we say that we know your insurance policy as well as, or even better than the person you purchased it from! We consistently go above and beyond to facilitate our residential and commercial clients. Our talented team will very competently manage all aspects your insurance claim; regardless of the type. There are multiple things that may have caused the water intrusion and property damage, which includes mal-functioning, AC leaks, slab leaks, flood damage, roof leaks, pipe breaks, burst pipes, and many other circumstances. When you choose us to handle your claim, due to water damage in North Miami Beach FL, you will not regret it. Call us today for a FREE claim consultation! We speak English, Spanish, Hebrew and French.