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Golden Beach Mold from Water Damage

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Some types of Golden Beach Mold from Water Damage private residences and business complexes, can be toxic. Should you have a finding of any type of mold, we, Action Public Adjusters, should be called in to inspect the mold and the pursuant property damage and advise on the way forward, on mitigation and on the filing an insurance claim. We, here at Action Public Adjusters, do not charge homeowners or business owners for inspection; an inspection from us, is absolutely FREE. We also provide a FREE consultation where your insurance policy will be carefully reviewed with you and your chances of a successful claim will be explored. Do you know that mold could be caused by a leak that you were unaware of for a long period of time. We will be able to ascertain the cause of the mold and if you are a policy holder with an insured loss, we can work hard to recover a financial settlement for you that is fair, just, equitable. We will take charge of all dealings with your insurance company, on your behalf, as soon as you hire our services. Perhaps you are not aware that a valid claim could be pursued. It depends on the type of insurance policy which you hold. We, Public Action Adjusters, have successfully filed claims based on mold findings.

Did you know the period in which insurance claims can be reopened is within three years of reporting a loss? So if you believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve, give us a call. WE CAN HELP YOU!

You are well advised to become pro-active about your property damage due to mold, and by hiring our esteemed insurance claim processing services, you may be able to recover a high level of compensation from your insurance company. A claim for any type of Golden Beach Mold from Water Damage, whether at your private residence or at your business facility, requires professional service. do not attempt to handle your insurance claim single handedly. Confidently hire us! Hire us, immediately! We will manage each and every detail of your insurance claim arising from the presence of mold. We will work closely with your insurance carrier, to obtain the most equitable and prompt settlement for you, in the circumstances. Count on us to competently handle your claim and to do so in a timely manner. All of your questions will be answered and we will put you at ease. We communicate well! We do so in English, Spanish, Hebrew and French. There is not a shadow of doubt, that with our full-fledged insurance claims processing support, you will be placing yourself at a great advantage. You will be enhancing chances of getting the maximum recovery possible, given your facts and damage details. Our policy states: No recovery, no fees!

  • We have a great reputation and years of experience
  • We represent you, the policy holder, and not the insurance company
  • We know the Insurance companies tactics and loop holes
  • We maximize your settlement and get what is rightfully yours
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Golden Beach Mold from Water Damage

A Public Adjuster will help you maximize your settlement. Below are a few of our past settlements.

  • Fire Damage:
    Settlement $200K

  • Dishwasher Leak:
    Settlement $73158.26

  • Sinkhole Damage:
    Settlement $200K

  • Smoke Damage
    Settlement $52,900

  • Car Crash:
    Settlement $47.500

Our client's interest come first and our team of Public Adjusters have the ability and expertise to handle the most sophisticated property damage insurance claims.

Public Insurance Adjuster Services

Making the proper decisions from the start is crucial for home and business owners to achieve what they deserve. Instead of representing yourself, hiring a public adjuster to fight your insurance company is a good choice.

Why? Because we have years of experience and know all the tactics and loop holes that your insurance company may try to use to their benefit.

You can trust Action Public Adjusters of South Florida to help guide you through the claims process and make sure that your claim is settled the way it should be, to benefit you and NOT your insurance company.